KulturenReich helps foreign women in Vienna to succeed by creating a unique environment through mentoring, workshops, and talent matchmaking. We make difference to communities, because we believe foreign women are amazing and brave enough to absorb and learn something new, and most importantly to overcome the challenges.

Our goals:
1. Empower foreign-born women to be financially independent, professionally successful, and contributing members of the community.

2. Support companies to reach their diversity goals, enhancing their intercultural skills and their competitiveness at the local, regional and international levels.

3. Support government by helping to facilitate the integration of immigrants and foreign women in Vienna.

Our website is currently under construction, not to mention we are also preparing something for you, all foreign-born Viennese women!
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KulturenReich would like to thank our partners and organizations that stand together to work around variety of projects with purpose and value that are consistent to support and promote the best version of foreign-born Viennese women.


If your organization is interested in collaborating on new initiatives and partnerships that support KulturenReich’s mission, please contact info@kulturenreich.at