Die Zukunft hängt davon ab,
was wir heute tun!

The future depends on what we do today

We believe we are responsible for our choice, our own future, and what we wish ourselves to be.
Hence, we at KulturenReich initiated a social entreprise to support foreign-born women in Vienna to succeed through unique environment.

Our Strengths

KulturenReich takes a very active approach in helping foreign-born women with their challenges and addressing them from two directions, career opportunities and entrepreneurial journey. We aim to make a positive impact on society, and to achieve this and to provide tangible result, KulturenReich relies on our diverse backgrounds, a supportive group, and intercultural understanding.

Women Empowerment

We act as a catalyst in the integration process, by training foreign-born women in entrepreneurship, as well as linking them with business industry to increase their employability.

Cultural Competence

Support companies by providing skilled multicultural talents, to reach their diversity goals, enhancing intercultural skills and competitiveness at the local, regional and international levels.


We aim to increase the numbers of migrant entrepreneurs, and to decrease the numbers of migrant unemployment, that overall will give positive contribution to community.


KulturenReich thanks our partners and organizations that stand together to work around variety of projects with purpose and value that are consistent to support and promote the best version of foreign-born Viennese women.

If you are an organization or company and would like to learn more about our mission and projects, send your email to: