The word ‘foreigner’ seems to collect more the negative connotations, mostly connected to people who cannot adapt, nor making any contribution to their society.

In this globalized world, there will be more and more people who do not live in the country where they were born, all with different reasons and circumstances. Vienna, as a rich and well-developed capital city of Austria has its charm to attract people to come.

Looking at this condition, KulturenReich decided to take part, to turn the gloomy perception into a positive experience. Be it educational purposes, to escape war, or to seek better prospects, KulturenReich offers a different standpoint to recognise foreigners especially women to integrate into society and make positive contribution.

Founded by foreign-born Viennese women, KulturenReich understands the challenges and steps when a woman moves to Vienna. We are committed to inspire foreign women to be independent and successful.

(KulturenReich team with another finalists of Found! Deloitte Future Fund – Impact Hub Vienna 2019).

KulturenReich as social enterprise bridges foreign-born women in Vienna with business community and government, thus contributing to the integration process by working collaboratively.