The Crew

Mag. Asetila Köstinger CMC CEC
Chief Empowerment Orchestrator, Co-Founder and provider of energy, inspiration and catchy anecdotes
With the boundless energy of a puppy, Tila is our fearless provider of inspiration and chief networker. Tila is an entrepreneur, a certified trainer and Certified Managment Consultant. She has worked as a consultant and expert in different SME projects, private ventures, start-up ecosystems and international projects. 

Amarilla Nirmala, M.A
Chief Marketing Whizz, Co-Founder and creative flair specialist
With more than 9-years of experience in executing and developing marketing strategies, Amy’s expertise spans from Corporate Communications, Digital & Visual Communication; and Sales. She is our go-to person for marketing and external outreach. She previously worked in Oxford, Dubai, and Vienna.

 Denisa Murataj, M.A
Project Manager, Co-Founder
Denisa has worked for MNCs and has a strong grasp on all things project-related, including Project Cycle Management, Project Management, fundraising, partnership/consortia building, and proposal writing. She has rich experience in the implementation of communication and networking.

Sarah Tariq Gilani

Start-Up Queen and Community Tumbler
Sarah is a project manager who initiated and developed a unique women mentoring women program, creating content that til now has trained 150+ potential female founders and freelancers in Pakistan. She is responsible for streamlining and planning training.

We have a groundswell of support at all levels from a range of industries such as HR, legal, IT and government who are also providing us with in-kind support, as they believe in what we are trying to achieve!

Thank you to these people!