So you have been living in Vienna for some time, and recently thought about setting up your own business?
You believe you have a great idea but don’t know where to start?
Are you a small business owner who just started your entrepreneurial journey?

Then we invite you to apply to We DO IDEAS LAB 2019.
If you can dream it, we can help you to start and grow!

What is We DO IDEAS LAB?
– It is a 4 month program from March-June, step-by-step mechanism to identify if your ideas can work.
– 6 days of workshop series, focus on developing a business model and cost, marketing, and cash planning.
– Understanding brand management to improve and promote the intangible value of your business.
– Pitch preparation to be ready for presentation and establishing a network.
– 10 Hours of consultation.

Living abroad has its challenges, so starting your business in a foreign country is understandably a daunting task.

KulturenReich built by foreign-born women who faced obstacles and adjustment in Vienna, we understand how challenging it is overcome them. Hence women empowerment has always been our focal point, and through We DO IDEAS LAB we encourage you to face challenges with confidence.

We believe all ideas to empower oneself should be and must be celebrated. Unlike other programs, we teach you what, and we guide you how to begin your entrepreneurial journey.


When: March-June 2019
Where: TBA
Language: English

For more information: info@kulturenreich.at