Business Development – OpenBox Academy 2018

Our OpenBox Academy is specifically designed for you who have been thinking to start your own business but do not know where to start. Probably you are thinking to pursue your cake decorating skills into a profitable business, or you realise there is an opportunity for a specific fashion item in Vienna. Still, starting a small business is a big decision.

Starting a business, -especially when you are on your own- could be intimidating whilst at the same time is exciting, you need to have a passion, understand the risk, study the market, and calculate the time and energy you will spend. Our Business Development in OpenBox Academy discusses what are the things that’s essential for aspiring entrepreneur. You’ll learn about making a lean canvas starting from analyzing problems, segmenting your future customer, creating unique value prepositions, up to nailing a profitable business model. This will increase your chance to success when you are able to identify the structure, risks, and assessing the market before launching a product/service.

KulturenReich‘s lean canvas is useful to be used when as a tool when starting your business:
• Idea & Conceptual
• Validation
• Brainstorming platform
• Entrepreneur-focused

From lean canvas, to product development, and feedback loop, Business Development subject will make you understand your own strengths, opportunity, and of course financial model with its structure.

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