The word ‘foreigner’ seems to collect more the negative connotations, mostly connected to people who cannot adapt, nor making any contribution to their society. In this globalized world, there will be more and more people who do not live in the country where they were born, all with different reasons and circumstances.

Looking at this condition, KulturenReich decided to take part, to turn the gloomy perception into a positive experience. Be it educational purposes, to escape war, or to seek better prospects, KulturenReich as a social initiative offers a different standpoint to recognise foreigners especially women to integrate into society and make positive contribution. Founded officially in January 2018 by foreign-born Viennese women themselves, KulturenReich supports foreign-born and migrant women to have a better start in Vienna. We are committed to inspire foreign-born women to be financially independent and successful.

Man muss an sich selbst glauben. Das ist das Geheimnis.


We believe every great journey starts with a thought and a small step to change the world. Though recently started in January 2018, KulturenReich constantly grows to support both aspiring entrepreneurs and professional women to accomplish their dreams in Vienna. We significantly build the community and strong relationship with them.



  • August – Officially registered as an association in Vienna, Austria, as well as signed an agreement with Inclusion @work.
  • October – Held first entrepreneurs matchmaking event Find Your Female Co-Founder, and first entrepreneurship academy, namely OpenBox Academy.
  • November – Second OpenBox Academy created.



  • March – Officially signed a partnership agreement with Vienna Business Agency (Wirtschaftagenture Wien) to hold a Find Your Co-Founder events.
  • April – Held third entrepreneurship academy, namely We DO Academy.

Aus den Steinen, die Dir in den Weg gelegt werden, kannst du etwas Schönes bauen. – Erich Kästner


Mag. Asetila Köstinger CMC CEC

chief of empowerment

Co-Founder. Provider of energy, inspiration and catchy anecdotes.

With the boundless energy of a puppy, Tila is our fearless provider of inspiration and chief networker. Tila is an entrepreneur, a certified trainer and certified management consultant. She has worked as a consultant and expert in different SME projects, private ventures, start-up ecosystems and international projects. 

Amarilla Nirmala, B.A, M.A

Chief Marketing Whizz

Co-Founder. Our planner and a creative flair specialist.

With more than 9-years of experience in executing and developing marketing strategies, Amy’s expertise spans from Corporate Communications, Digital Marketing; and Sales. She is our go-to person for marketing and external outreach. She previously worked in Oxford – United Kingdom, Dubai – UAE, and of course Vienna.

Sarah Tarik Gilani

The Community tumbler

Start-up queen and pitch deck lady.

Sarah is a project manager who initiated and developed a unique women mentoring women program, creating content that til now has trained 150+ potential female founders and freelancers in Pakistan. She is responsible for streamlining and planning training.

Ruchi Dwivedi

Business Development

Lady of business strategies and operational impact.

An Indian by birth, culturally diverse by nature, a life and happiness enthusiast; Ruchi focused on in identifying new business and sourcing platforms, project management and business management. After spending considerable time in India, Norway, Singapore and Sri Lanka, she came to Vienna, to start once again the journey of making an impact.

Gabriela Petrov


Storyteller Intern with full energy.

Gabriela is a student with innovative ideas and well-developed communication skills. She has worked previously in journalism and has supported several companies with developing their web content.


Ivana Kisin

Social Media & Event Specialist

Lady moderator on social platforms.

Experienced in a marketing division of several non-profit organizations in Serbia, Ivana brings her enthusiasm and  special focus on various social networks. She has also comprehensive knowledge on promotion strategies.

She is our go-to-person for leveraging the online presence as a relationship tool as well as everything you need to know about the current and upcoming activities!


Melita Cepin


Communication scanner and analyzer.

Melita comes from Slovenia and has a background in journalism, media and market research. She is passionate about understanding how people think, feel and behave. Especially in workplace relationships and environments. She provides training and consulting services to professionals and organizations with expert supervision. It is all about behavior and communication. Living in another culture and language evokes her curiosity on this topic again and again.

Laura Dumas Kozub, PHR

Talent Attractor and Creator

Lady master networker and go-to for sourcing and developing talent.

Laura has a background in international HR but has managed all aspects of the HR function from recruiting to training to development from several industries in a corporate setting. Having always been  immersed in an international environment both personally and professionally, she has a passion for bringing cultures together. She also has experience in developing mentoring programs for organizations and is committed to helping others achieve their personal best.