Fearless Friday

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Photo: Vrinda Jelinek
Styling & Make up: Naomi Gugler
Model: Stella Models
Outfit: Wolford
Shoes: Libra Vienna

Gülsen Akkas started her shoes line back in 2017, Libra Vienna.  A young and dynamic company filled with ideas of a timeless and authentic design. Behind all the beautiful creations, she emphasizes special importance to high production standards and quality, such as fair remuneration, ban on child employment as well as compliance with health policy.

Her ultimate goal is to provide comfortable and high quality shoes for modern and classy women. With an online shop, and 3 physical stores both concept and department store, she is definitely our KulturenReich’s profile who strive for excellence.

Gülsen Akkas

Owner of Libra Vienna

Do you think learning a language must be fun?
Then it is exactly what Natalie of PEPS Sprachtraining thinks!

Focusing in German and French, she utilizes several unique methods to teach, such as self-confidence-enhancing exercises from Yoga & Tai Chi. As a singer and role player for a Management Training, Natalie is familiar with stage and cameras, and she also uses this to give her students the necessary self-confidence, to communicate in a foreign language.

With this unique methods, Natalie formed PEPS Sprachtraining not only for adults but also for children and adolescents to learn language in a fun way!


Natalie Hörberg

Owner of PEPS Sprachtraining

KulturenReich’s co-founder, Denisa was born in Tirana – Albania. She came to Austria to pursue a Masters Degree in 2017, majoring in EU Project Management.
Not long after she realized the challenge to live and settle in a foreign country,in January 2018 she took the initiative co-founded KR with other partners.

She believes in determination and persistence.

Her quote of the day is
“Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women, who have her back.”

What’s your story to overcome challenges?

Denisa Murataj, M.A

Project Manager


Explore Your Ideas With OpenBox Academy

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Two weeks after our first OpenBox Academy, KulturenReich proudly gives you the  update on how the event was!

Many foreign-born women struggle to find a self-fulfilling work in Vienna, Austria upon arriving in the city. They often face challenges in finding employment even with several years of working experiences in their host countries. Upon receiving countless rejections, they lost hope of becoming professionally successful again. As a platform to support fellow foreign-born women, KulturenReich aims to make OpenBox Academy as a supportive stage to share ideas without being afraid of rejection.

OpenBox Academy is a 3 day program to give budding women entrepreneurs, in collaboration with Köstinger International Consulting, and the Vienna Business Agency.

Day 1: Personal Development & Idea Generation
Our coach Asetila Köstinger led the personal development course to encourage participants to explore more about their ideas, based on environment, experience, and social problems.

Day 2: Business Planning & Development
Sarah Gilani, our startup mentor with experience of building a startup incubator in Pakistan took this second day on sharing how lean canvas is utilised in new business idea to create a sustainable business model. Second day of workshop also filled with a session from the Vienna Business Agency. Tülay Tuncel explained more about legal stand and tax law when one decides to start a business in Austria.

Day 3: Marketing & Digitalization
The last day of our 18-hour OpenBox Academy closed with understanding basic marketing and digital marketing campaign by Amarilla Nirmala. Participants learned about several marketing methods such as SOAR til the importance of content and SEO ready when creating a website as a part of digital marketing campaign.

We are glad to receive positive feedbacks and results from those who already been following us and attend in the first round of our workshop. We are looking forward to see more women in our community and training courses to build more experience and matchmaking entrepreneurial activities.



Business Development – OpenBox Academy 2018

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Our OpenBox Academy is specifically designed for you who have been thinking to start your own business but do not know where to start. Probably you are thinking to pursue your cake decorating skills into a profitable business, or you realise there is an opportunity for a specific fashion item in Vienna. Still, starting a small business is a big decision.

Starting a business, -especially when you are on your own- could be intimidating whilst at the same time is exciting, you need to have a passion, understand the risk, study the market, and calculate the time and energy you will spend. Our Business Development in OpenBox Academy discusses what are the things that’s essential for aspiring entrepreneur. You’ll learn about making a lean canvas starting from analyzing problems, segmenting your future customer, creating unique value prepositions, up to nailing a profitable business model. This will increase your chance to success when you are able to identify the structure, risks, and assessing the market before launching a product/service.

KulturenReich‘s lean canvas is useful to be used when as a tool when starting your business:
• Idea & Conceptual
• Validation
• Brainstorming platform
• Entrepreneur-focused

From lean canvas, to product development, and feedback loop, Business Development subject will make you understand your own strengths, opportunity, and of course financial model with its structure.

If you haven’t signed up to our OpenBox Academy, you still have time!
Register here!