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According to the European Job Mobility portal, non-Austrian citizens will fill a significant part of the jobs on the market and will contribute to the employment growth. Statistics say in 2018, 71% of the additional jobs were filled by people who do not have Austrian citizenship. The reason for this is the continuous influx of migrant workers (these include people living in Austria as well as cross-border commuters).

There is a strong need of essential soft skills in almost all areas such as communication, customer focus, and intercultural skills. With focus to improve the business performance and the customer service, KulturenReich provides tailor-made training programs for companies with real and measurable result. Investing in resources and acquiring necessary skills to be competitive in market will make a significant impact. Below are some of the training programs offered:

Branding Strategy & Management

Innovation to Small Medium Entreprise

Online Marketing

Diversity Management

Intercultural Competence


Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

KulturenReich’s trainings are for all levels of employee and an effective way to build a collaborative culture.
For more information: info@kulturenreich.at

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