As a social enterprise built by foreign-born Viennese women themselves, KulturenReich understands that starting a business in a foreign land can be a daunting task. Hence, our focal points has always been women empowerment through skills sharing, a supportive community, and connectivity with local market.

Our entrepreneurial programs are made to build understanding and knowledge when you start a business.


Formerly called OpenBox Academy, We DO IDEAS LAB is a tailored-made lab to cater the needs of aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Find Your Female Co-Founder

KulturenReich initiates a platform for entrepreneurs who want to pitch their ideas and find their potential business partners. This event is also for male founders that are looking for a female co-founder with a diverse skills set.

Focus Impact Shine

Created to design, experiment, exercise, take risks, make mistakes, break rules, create prototypes, have fun, learn from each-other, grow, and to celebrate the impact of entrepreneurship.