Do you think learning a language must be fun?
Then it is exactly what Natalie of PEPS Sprachtraining thinks!

Focusing in German and French, she utilizes several unique methods to teach, such as self-confidence-enhancing exercises from Yoga & Tai Chi. As a singer and role player for a Management Training, Natalie is familiar with stage and cameras, and she also uses this to give her students the necessary self-confidence, to communicate in a foreign language.

With this unique methods, Natalie formed PEPS Sprachtraining not only for adults but also for children and adolescents to learn language in a fun way!


Natalie Hörberg


An Indian by birth, Ruchi is culturally exposed by nature, a life and happiness enthusiast, whose passion for making an impact and ensuring sustainability in businesses to create value for customers.

She is focused on working with teams, involved in identifying new business and sourcing platforms, project management and business management.

After spending considerate time in India, Norway, Singapore, and Sri Lanka, she came to Vienna to start once again the journey of making an impact. This time indulging in, with and for the fiercely proud and independent women in Austria.

Immer schön am Ball bleiben! Los Gehts!

Ruchi Dwivedi

business Development Manager

Photo: Vrinda Jelinek
Styling & Make up: Naomi Gugler
Model: Stella Models
Outfit: Wolford
Shoes: Libra Vienna

Gülsen Akkas started her shoes line back in 2017, Libra Vienna.  A young and dynamic company filled with ideas of a timeless and authentic design. Behind all the beautiful creations, she emphasizes special importance to high production standards and quality, such as fair remuneration, ban on child employment as well as compliance with health policy.

Her ultimate goal is to provide comfortable and high quality shoes for modern and classy women. With an online shop, and 3 physical stores both concept and department store, she is definitely our KulturenReich’s profile who strive for excellence.

Gülsen Akkas

owner, libra vienna

KulturenReich’s co-founder, Denisa was born in Tirana – Albania. She came to Austria to pursue a Masters Degree in 2017, majoring in EU Project Management.
Not long after she realized the challenge to live and settle in a foreign country,in January 2018 she took the initiative co-founded KR with other partners.

She believes in determination and persistence.

Her quote of the day is
“Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women, who have her back.”

What’s your story to overcome challenges?

Denisa Murataj, M.A

Project Manager, KulturenReich

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