Find Your Female Co-Founder #3

KulturenReich, a social enterprise with mission of supporting and inspiring foreign-born women in Vienna to be financially independent and successful, organized it’s exclusive event Find Your Female Co-Founder event #3 at Talent Garden

The event welcomed several Viennese start-ups, small scale businesses, and freelancers from tech to service providers to lifestyle and product ventures. The platform offered:

1. Pitch your business ideas

2. Enhance pitching skills

3. Showcase of business and products

4. Business networking

The event started with business pitch training and coaching, led by Mag.Asetila Köstinger who prepared entrepreneurs on how to present with confidence, and to engage with audiences. At 18.00 the event then opened by a presentation from Raphael Jochmann as a Sales Manager from Talent Garden Vienna about its concept, facilities, innovation school and its networking activities. Afterwards Denisa Murataj, M.A presented KulturenReich association and its wide range of activities and entrepreneurship initiatives such as WeDO, and #focusimpactshine.

The event then followed by a keynote speech by Mag. Asetila Köstinger with the core message
“There is a special place in heaven for women that help each other grow”.

Later the interactive, friendly and welcoming atmosphere was set by KulturenReich’s advisor and coach – Mag.Elisabeth Siencnik through mingling breaks, encouraging conversations before entrepreneurs presenting their pitch deck. The following companies pitched their ideas in search of a co-founder or in search of partnerships:

Funlingua – A digital marketplace for learning foreign languages in a fun way presented by co-founder Maria Elena.

Astrid Weikmann – An initiative to help entrepreneurs design meaningful and customer focused services presented by Astrid Weikmann

Clear Karma – A tech enterprise in fresh food distribution presented by co-founder Sylvie Chin.

Piacere – A natural cosmetic products line tailor-made for each customer’s needs presented by co-founder Martina Wiesenbauer-Vrublovsky. 

XRious – For companies who want to innovate, XRIOUS is an intelligent B2B innovation discovery platform that finds the innovative use case best serving their needs made with augmented and virtual reality technologies presented by founder Mariebeth Aquino. 

Voice Lessons Vienna – A personalized communication and presentation skills consultancy presented by sole entrepreneur Catrina Poor, who also showcased her business in the event area.

ENA ALTO – One-man company and a proud member Enas Alteweel showcased her hand made leather shoes for her first fashion line.

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