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Inviting all entrepreneurs, small business owners, change makers, and like-minded people! 
A night to grow the network and learn something new!

Kulturenreich is a social enterprise built by foreign-born women. Having faced the challenges of adjustment in Vienna ourselves, we know all about how difficult it can be. Hence women empowerment has always been our focal point.

KulturenReich helps foreign-born women to have a better start in Vienna through building a supportive community, make a local business connection, and entrepreneurship academy.

Through this event we want to celebrate all ideas and efforts to empower oneself! Come join us!

FREE for the early birds who confirmed their attendance before June 15th, 2019, or whichever booked faster!

  • 10€ for those who confirmed after June 15th 2019, or if the early birds’ fully booked.
  • 15€ to pitch your business idea in front of audience – your possible future Co-Founders!
  • 15€ to display your current business/prototype/product/MVP in front of audience – your possible future Co-Founders!
  • 30 € to participate to our pitch training 3 hours before the event.

KulturenReich initiates a platform for entrepreneurs who want to pitch their ideas and find their potential business partners. Come, make connections and improve your skills! This event is also for male founders that are looking for a female co-founder with a diverse skills set.

Monday, 1st July 2019
15.00-17.00 Pitch Training
17.30-21.00 Find Your Female Co-Founder Event

Talent Garden
111-115 Liechtensteinstraße, 5th Fl.
1090 Vienna

The event will be in English and pitches will also be in English!