#focusimpactsshine –

the program for women social entrepreneurs in a nutshell

#FocusImpactShine was created as a side-project to design, experiment, exercise, take risks, make mistakes, break rules, create prototypes, have fun, learn from each-other, grow, and celebrate impact entrpreneurship design.
#FocusImpactShine aims to help women entrepreneurs that have many interests to focus on one at a time. With the help of design thinking we help them learn and use the tools to design their interest step by step. We help them first find and then architecture their purpose.

From the very first hour the participants will be working on real  business ideas or project ideas that will conclude at the end of the workshop with a project presentation/ a pitch.

Within the workshop, we focus on building a safe environment and a framework for creative answers.


Component 1 FOCUS -Personal development

Architecture your purpose of doing business, your attitude to it and your ideal outcomes. Going out of the chaos zone and heading into the growth zone


Component 2 IMACT -Shaping the business models of the future  – impact models to the revenue model

How to design purpose-driven idea and impact business models. From  Idea generation (from one idea to a concept), Value proposition design, impact model and business modeling


Component 3 SHINE- Its Showtime!

It showtime, intercultural competence and pitch training to feeling confident and -presenting proudly your business idea and model

Our vision is to make #Focusimpactshine a global movement of women entrepreneurs supporting each other. If you would like to join this amazing journey contact  tila@kulturenreich.at



“A purpose finding workshop for Women Founders with many interests. A different kind of women entrepreneurship boot camp. Many thanks to Mrs Asetila Köstinger for new ideas and knowledge sharing today with passion and enthusiasm!“

Angela 40y university professor and founder