OpenBox Academy – Chisinau, Moldova 2018

Mag. Asetila Köstinger from Köstinger International Consulting and KulturenReich association Vienna is organising the OpenBOX workshop for wanna be Entrepreneur Women in Chisinau:

OpenBOX #3 in a Nutshell:

We all know that women are natural born entrepreneurs. But often there is lack of confidence and fear that their ideas will be rejected from the closed family and friends. Form our own research we know that most of the courses offered on entrepreneurship in are mainly frequented by male participants. The purpose of women may not always be the same as that of men and so entrepreneurial learning has to target different qualities in men and women.

That’s why we decided to introduce a woman only academy directly from women to women.

Why us? Because we only see the positive in every idea in every woman. Because we have the knowledge and tools to identify good ideas and to foster them. Because we are all women entrepreneurs, mompreneurs and because we are power connectors.

The OpenBox academy is a blended programme to give wanna be entrepreneur women, the necessary tools to open their ideas box and analyse the feasibility of them one by one. In the further stages the academy provides the theoretical base and practical grip the women need to turn their idea into concept then project and then hopefully into u successful business.


The OpenBox Chisinau 2018 seeks to equip participants with know-how in:
– Personal development by Focusing! (how to Visualize your goals, be confident, self-assured, to improve performance, increased effectiveness and decision-making, be more innovative and creative by focusing on one idea at a time )
– Idea generation (from one idea to a concept )
– Pitching your idea (presenting proudly your business idea and model)

Location : Generator Hub – 202, Stefan cel Mare, Kentford bl.B, 4th floor, Chsinau Moldova

Workshop leader : Dipl.Ök Mag.a Asetila Köstinger CMC CEC

Methodology: Design thinking, business modeling canvas, presentation.

Language of the workshop is english

Who can apply:
Women from 18 years old from Chisinau and surroundings that have a dream to create their own business

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Because sharing is caring: all participants to the workshop will have mentoring session for FREE.