The word ‘foreigner’ seems to collect more the negative connotations, mostly connected to people who cannot adapt, nor making any contribution to their society. In this globalized world, there will be more and more people who do not live in the country where they were born, all with different reasons and circumstances.

Looking at this condition, KulturenReich decided to take part, to turn the gloomy perception into a positive experience. Be it educational purposes, to escape war, or to seek better prospects, KulturenReich as a social initiative offers a different standpoint to recognise foreigners especially women to integrate into society and make positive contribution. Founded officially in January 2018 by foreign-born Viennese women themselves, KulturenReich supports foreign-born and migrant women to have a better start in Vienna. We are committed to inspire foreign-born women to be financially independent and successful.

Man muss an sich selbst glauben. Das ist das Geheimnis.


We believe every great journey starts with a thought and a small step to change the world. Though recently started in January 2018, KulturenReich constantly grows to support both aspiring entrepreneurs and professional women to accomplish their dreams in Vienna. We significantly build the community and strong relationship with them.


  • August – Officially registered as an association in Vienna, Austria, as well as signed an agreement with Inclusion @work.
  • October – Held first entrepreneurs matchmaking event Find Your Female Co-Founder, and first entrepreneurship academy, namely OpenBox Academy.
  • November – Second OpenBox Academy created.


  • March – Officially signed a partnership agreement with Vienna Business Agency (Wirtschaftagenture Wien) to hold a Find Your Co-Founder events.
  • April – Held third entrepreneurship academy, namely We DO Academy.
  • September – KulturenReich sponsored Vienna Techstars Startup Weekend Women.

Aus den Steinen, die Dir in den Weg gelegt werden, kannst du etwas Schönes bauen. – Erich Kästner

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