Stress Management With Outdoor Activity

Social Media Merchandising

Do you sometimes feel that your thoughts circle endlessly without a specific direction?

Do you feel overwhelmed by too many tasks waiting? Are you beginning to sense that you are becoming less and less efficient in achieving your goals?

Then it is time to pause and figure out new ways to help you deal with your daily tasks in a relaxed and joyful manner.


  • You will get to know what happens with your brain when you are stressed.
  • Identify the causes of your stress and what behavioural patterns might be responsible for the stress you feel.
  • Learn effective exercises that help you reduce your level of stress immediately.
  • Tips on how to work on autopilot mode and begin to transform reactive behaviour into proactive change.
  • Experience first-hand that walking around in a natural environment helps you become more relaxed and focused.

You will get to know the powerful combination of a workshop that takes place both indoors and outdoors.

We will walk, do light physical exercises and practice mindfulness while enjoying the green environment surrounding us. This workshop enables you to utilize your resources again and helps you lead a more productive and healthy life.

  • To improve your capacity to handle stressful situations.
  • To understand mindfulness and learn practical exercises to help you reduce stress.
  • To help you prevent stress and burnout.
  • To experience the positive effects of walking outdoors in a green, natural environment
  • To know simple and very useful exercises for mind and body that strengthen you and help you relax.


Friday, 22nd November 2019


Social media merchandising is very important to every e-commerce entrepreneur out there. Not only creating an appealing display, but also engage with your prospective customers. KulturenReich creates this tailored workshop for those who would like to visually present their product/service better, which overall translates to revenue.

Our 2-hour workshop you will learn on how to:
1. Understand what’s your brand voice and personality.
2. Define your color palette.
3. Selecting fonts.
4. Introduction to story telling.

Friday, September 27th 2019
Talent Garden – Liechtensteinstrasse 111-115
Vienna 1070, Austria


This event has passed!

Understanding Customer Journey

Do you know..

There are many layers of experiences and steps from your prospective customers before buying your product or service. As an Entrepreneur understanding your customer’s journey and mapping, helps you to visualize the buying experience through the eyes and minds of your customer.

During the 2-hour workshop will share the insights on three important layers:
1. Reviewing your Brand’s personas (if not already fixed).
2. Customer experience – your customer’s activities/experiences.
3. Customer interactions – How and where your customer is interacting.

Thursday, September 26th 2019
Talent Garden – Liechtensteinstrasse 111-115
Vienna 1070, Austria


This event has passed!

KulturenReich built by foreign-born women who faced obstacles and adjustment in Vienna, we understand how challenging it is overcome them. Hence women empowerment has always been our focal point, and through events and activities like workshops, we encourage you to face challenges with confidence.

We believe all ideas to empower oneself should be and must be celebrated. Unlike other programs, we teach you what, and we guide you on how to begin your entrepreneurial journey.


Our passion to support your business is deep rooted and free, the workshop organization comes with a cost. We thank you for your volunteer contribution between 5 – 10 EUR to keep the momentum running.


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